Malawi Made

Tailored Clothing info! 

Joy and I will be returning next month, and March is already flying by! I’ve been talking with a few local tailors and I’d love to give them a little business before I leave.

I will definitely bring back a variety of beautiful chitenges if anyone is interested in buying for $10. They’re bright, versatile, and perfect for summer! 

   Beautiful chitenges from all over the African continent 
Glady using a chitenge to carry her niece. 

  Baby girls love practicing carrying “their babies” too.

  Chitenge skirts are the village favorite. Worn over dresses, skirts, pants etc to stay clean and conservative. 
For those who are interested in having a men’s shirt, dress, skirt, or kids dress made for them, I need the following- 
Measurements (with old fashioned measuring tape!) 

For dresses 

Shoulder to shoulder 

Around the stomach 

Around the hips 

Shoulder to knee 

Shoulder to waist 
For shirts 

Around stomach

Shoulder to shoulder

Shoulder to waist 

Around hips

Hip to knee
Prices for shirts $25

Dresses $35

Skirt $25

Kids dress/shirt $20 
There are an array of colors and styles. 

I’ve included some samples, but you can literally Google “tailored African women’s/men’s/children’s clothes” and email me what you like, I can have a similar version made. 



 It’s a great way to support the local Malawian economy. Plus you have an amazingly unique piece of clothing made just for you! 
About your tailors:

Atupele, 21, is the owner of the shop FAC Creations. Faith, Atupele, and Carol are the three sisters who run the shop together. 

 Stefahano Dyce has been tailoring clothes for over 10 years. 

Tapiwa Jinja started tailoring clothing when the shop opened last December.  

For more info you can email me at

Or text (texting is free yay!)


  1. Thanks for reading! Love from the warm heart of Africa! ❤️🌍

2 thoughts on “Malawi Made

  1. What lovely clothing! Thank you for the beautiful photos of Malawi clothing. I definitely want to purchase some Chitenges.
    I will text you.:)


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