Malawian Marketing

I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of the best shop names and signs I’ve seen so far. This is just a sample. There are many more great ones out there! 
I’ve never really thought about how powerful words are in this kind of context. I will literally see something like “Paradise Place” or “The Best Times Bar and Grill” on what looks like an empty, abandoned shed. Some of these words have a whole new meaning for me now! 


 Miracles bar den 

Mama Ernest Takeaway (Takeaway meaning restaurant, I hadn’t heard of that before) 

Christ our Conquerer : Church

Aunt Kathy salon and cosmetics 

Wisdom shopping center

So what salon 

Stallion security service  

Slow but sure grocery 

Stay over bar 

Leisure centre 

Bread depot

Oh so heavenly salon 

Poker vibrator 

Ho ho drug store 

Modern butcher

Praise investments

Three men garage 

Gender sensitive community 

Blessings Investment

And last but not least!!!….

Noel Time Coffin Shop (I’m serious)

I know, it’s a lot to take in. 

Make sure to zoom in and see some signage for yourself!   Drinks and  snacks anyone?


It’s ok, I know them. I’m not just being creepy.     Airport goat group? Sure.

  Pretty sure this billboard is about the birth control implant option. They sure know how to make it look like a great time with the gals!  

3 thoughts on “Malawian Marketing

  1. I just read through your entire blog and saw all of your pictures, oh my gosh , I thoroughly enjoyed it👍🏾 what an amazing experience you and Joy are having there… Thank you so much for Sharing ❣


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