Animals Animals Animals!

A post dedicated to all the creatures as promised 😉 
First off, my affinity for nature is more intense the the “average” human. So without my dear husband to humor my discoveries or my family who understand my tendencies… I get a lot of puzzled looks over my bursts of excitement for a frog. 

Luckily, people are starting to catch on. My little sister Tapua called me to get a toad out of our room last night, and my Malawian mother Agnes does her best to smile and act a tiny bit excited(which is a lot for her) when I tell her I found a bat in a public restroom. 

The frustrating part is that I need to know information about the animals and plants here, when very few people know or benefit from that kind of information.

 I need facts such as: What kind of tree is this? Are there any predatory animals nearby? What wildlife lives in those mountains? Can I eat this? Is that a different species? Will grow in our region? 

I know…I’m exhausted just from reading my own questions. I feel like 7 year old at science camp. Do 7 year olds go to science camp? Hard to say. 

Lucky for me, there are many people around and I don’t wear out any one single victim… I just bounce from person to person and hope for the best. 

Thankfully I have a few willing participants that share valuable knowledge…or at least try to. 

Considering most people learn about Africa the same way I did: by watching Discovery channel, there’s a bit of an even playing field. Another thing to remember is the fact that, Hello! Most people have never seen a live elephant in their lifetime, and they probably never will. Many who live here are busy living, and have never been on a safari. 

I’ve always dreamed of seeing majestic wild animals in their natural surroundings. Having the opportunity to go on a safari yesterday was a dream come true to say the least! It was definitely a surreal and powerful experience driving through the villages of hardworking and struggling people and then pulling up to this gated, wild oasis of animals. 

I know, I’m such a Debbie downer, I just can’t help but acknowledge the stark contrasts of realities. Here we are with our fantas(sodas) and crisips(potato chips) driving through a Disneyland of nature. I know, I should probably join Sarah Mcglachlan in song to save all children of the world. 

I don’t know how helpful it is carry pity for people in developing countries. I highly doubt it’s very productive. 
Ok so before I take on a whole new direction with this post, let’s just say that the safari was indeed amazing. I’m grateful to have had the experience, and I guess I’m just doing my best to take in and appreciate as many angles as possible. 
Blah blah blah! 

Now for the fun part…

Carlsberg kitten

Wind scorpion X-(

Blue tailed skink kisses


Coolest frog ever!


One thought on “Animals Animals Animals!

  1. Well my girls in heaven! Not so crazy about the mosquito close up but all the photography is really good! You can be seven forever honey. Oxox


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