Week 2-3

Some Destinations so far- Blantyre, Salima, Senga, Mulanji, Lilongwe (all Malawi) and Mozambique!

  Reeckys send off with Mama Agnes

  The Chileka gang!

Cousin Katie and Joy!

 The bros and their green!- Gani and Reecky
  My sis Tabs! And that guy…

“Villan” who is really quite a nice lad despite the name

Still  feeling a little crispy today. Spent last weekend at Lake Malawi. Apparently I underestimated African sun! I’d say it was worth it to swim in the gigantic beautiful lake!
The people constantly approaching us or our car windows is still difficult. I’m the type of person who will avoid even looking at vendor booths so that I don’t get anyone’s hope up. So saying “pepani,” or sorry, to people standing in the hot sun trying to selling anything from hard boiled eggs to hangers is tough! I want to say yes to everyone, especially the children, even if they are selling a random belt buckle that I’ll never use.

Staring is another thing I’m still getting used to. Especially since it’s mostly blank stare, it’s hard to gage the thought process.

At times I find it difficult to approach people I meet because I don’t want to be “over eager/friendly” while I don’t want to be rude and aloof. Many instances I’m not given prior introductions so I just have to guess. Reading body language helps, but isn’t always accurate!

Some quick thoughts/updates 😋 …

Getting used to my mosquito net burrito.

Figuring out better ways to flush toilets.

Finally feeling all the random new foods I’ve been eating. Wa wa waaaaa.

Feeling a little nervous about how joy will be without dad around.

Loving African and Bollywood soap operas.

Getting over the fact that paper towel and napkins seem unnecessary.

Enjoying eating with my hands.

Found a way to connect with local kids…make goofy faces and dance!

Starting to forget when people are speaking Chichewa or English because I can actually kind of understand!!

Discovered a glowing worm, a wind scorpion(Google it, it’s one of the few creatures that actually freak me out!), giant snails, and awesome geckos…I will probably have to dedicate an upcoming post primarily on the flora/fauna goodness.

A sweet and final note:

Washing each others’ hands each meal with a pitcher and bowl of water. It’s one of the kindest simple gestures I’ve ever seen.

Today we dropped Reecky of at the airport. His trip passed so quickly! I’m so glad he good spend time with his family after 5 years. Of course it wasn’t enough time, but it was still great. Joy and I will continue to stay here and get to know his family and country.
We actually got to watch his plane take off from a balcony. Joy was totally happy and reasonable about him leaving, until she saw him climb up the steps. It finally hit her. Almost immediately as he got on the plane, a little red bird that I haven’t seen before showed up out of nowhere. Reecky’s favorite color is red, and Joy quickly calmed down when I pointed it out to her. It was a cool little sign.

Right now I’m sitting in a hot minibus while dozens of people yell the prices of their products and shove their random items towards the car windows. It’s nice that this time they can’t see in the back seat and I can actually take in the moment.

Back to Blantyre we go…

Lake Malawi!

Tiniest gecko in the land!

In Mulanji visiting with goat herders

Gani doing some pineapple business

2 thoughts on “Week 2-3

  1. Hi Katie. I’m loving your blog & everytime there’s a new post I get so excited. It’s refreshing to see things through your eyes. Most comments on Africa are so negative & I’m so pleased to see & read that you’re enjoying everything. The washing of hands with a pitcher/jug of water is clearly something we all share lol! Malawi is beautiful, keep posting!! Enjoy. Ivy.


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